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Now you will be able to sign-up using Merchant Services to register as an owner and use of your IoT, IIoT & CPS devices (Coming Soon!)

Introduction of IoT Broker for the United States of America.

IEEE IoT XMPP Training Course at Yanbu Research Center (YRC) changed to April 21-24, 2019 visit http://www.iotday.us

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PDF\IEEE IoT XMPP Training Course Yanbu, Saudi Arabia R14.pdf

Smart City - Internet of Things Security and Privacy Agenda

The fee will be by Credit Card for your registration.

IoT Federation - allows you to securely share your devices world-wide (2018)

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Extasis Integration Server (EIS)


IPDX.NET IoT Broker compliance meets the GDPR (Global Data Protection Regulation)

What is IPDX.NET?

IPDX.NET offers researchers, academia, product developers, product manufacturers, and Smart Cities the ability to securely share data safely utilize an international standard for the Internet of Things (IoT).  This capability provides a means to bridge protocols (i.e. MQTT, Z-Wave, LWM2M, Modbus, IEEE IoT XMPP. and others will follow to help owners protect devices from privacy infringement and confidentiality of sensor data and control actions to meet GDPR (Global Data Privacy Regulation) that go into affect on May 25, 2018.

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 The following is software recommended (free)

Adruino for Windows 10 PENDING

An Arduino Uno. The USB connector is facing to the left, so that the digital pins are on the top of the image, and the analog pins are on the bottom.

Windows 10 Upgrade for Windows 7 PENDING

Windows Visio Studio


Windows 10 IoT Core Dashboard